Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Hope to Stay On Schedule (Bicycling vs. Commuting Challenge Update)

It's looking probable that I'm going to end the month of March about 25 hours behind on the bike riding vs. car commuting challenge.

My hope today was to get about 75 minutes of "healthy wellness" riding in at the office, to counterbalance my anticipated commute home, but it is raining right now and thus unlikely I'll go out as I am a pansy wimp and afraid of getting wet.

So I'll strap the bike on the back of the Mighty Corolla for my trip home. When I get there, it's likely that my dear old Dad will be there for a weekend visit, and for that I'm happy.

My remaining hope is that I squeeze in a Saturday morning ride before everyone gets up. This is likely to happen. But still I'll be more behind schedule than I hoped for (My master plan calls for a 7-hour deficit each month, so it was expected to be a 21 hour shortage at the end of March but it'll be more.).

Happiy, April has one fewer commuting day in it than March, plus I'm scheduled for a century ride on the 21st of April. So I'll probably not lose any ground and hopefully gain back a little.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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