Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time to Relax!

Yesterday afternoon I got home from work and felt compelled to get some bike riding time in so that I didn't fall behind any more on my resolution to ride my bike more than commute in my car this year.

I have used a trick before of asking one of my daughters to come along with me to the library to drop off and/or pick up some reserved items from there. So as I drove home I called home, and planted the seed that I wanted to ride bikes to the library.

When I got home, the daughter who normally rides with me wasn't full of energy, but she got ready after dinner and off we went on the epic 5-mile round trip.

She was quickly riding slower than normal. I asked if she was okay and she reported she didn't feel well. "Are you nauseous?" I asked, and she said no. So we pressed on at a meandering pace.

Normally we can get to the library together in 14 or 15 minutes, but it was a full 20 minutes before we arrived.

As we walked in, I say my long-time friend Geoff! I haven't seen him in close to two years, so I was totally thrilled at seeing him! We caught up and learned that each of us is doing better now than we were a few years ago, as the waves of turmoil that caused discomfort had calmed substantially and life seemed more in order. We talked about mutual friends. He gave me a Craig Biggio baseball card.

As we stood there and visited, my daughter became bored, of course, so we eventually finished our visit and I checked out the movie that was waiting for us there at the library.

And then on our ride home, my daughter was a little peppier and we had a little race where she took the shortcut road and I took the long way (maybe 100 yards longer) to see who got to the end of the intersection first. So her trip back was more pleasant than her trip there, we both had fun, and I got a little nice bike ride in as well as got to spend some time with my daughter, and a visit with a friend to top it off!

And this morning when I went to the library's website, I notices that the librarian must have glitched it up, as my account still shows that my movie is still there, waiting for me to pick it up.

Is it ironic that the movie that wasn't checked out correctly is the stoner comedy "Your Highness"?

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