Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tank 353 - 21 June 2K13

I filled up the tank of the Mighty Corolla last Friday afternoon at the Giant store on my way home. I had gone 409.5 miles, and that particular pump stopped at the second click at 10.658 gallons, for a surprising mileage of 38.42 mpg.

I think this is a case of an over-sensitive gas pump shutting off too early to give me a false happy of a good mileage number.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tank 353 - 12 June 2K13 (It Didn't Feel Like 97 Degrees Outside!)

So I refueled yesterday afternoon on my way home, partially because I had driven the Mighty Corolla 394.5 miles, and partially because it's supposed to rain all hard core today and I am a wimp who doesn't want to get wet. The tank received 11.831 gallons, so my mileage was a crappy 33.34 miles per gallon.

It worked out to an average of exactly ten cents per mile driven on this tank (not including oil changes or other wear and tear items that eventually will need replaced, such as a bearing in the back).

Apparently it was very hot yesterday afternoon. The thermometer in my car said 97 degrees at the Sheetz gas station (by Wegman's). It was down to 88 degrees at home, I guess because of the asphalt coated property of the Sheetz and the grass and tree covered property of my house. But the temperature showed 95-97 degrees on most of the way home, which of course was on asphalt roads, mostly...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tank 351 - 2 June 2K13 - ninja style

I refueled the gas tank on the Mighty Corolla on Sunday, putting in 10.614 gallons after driving a mere 368.6 miles, so my mileage was a mediocre 34.73 mpg.

Last June 2, I also added gas to the Corolla, and on that date last year, it was my 19th tank of the year and 8099.8 miles. Last Sunday it was my 13th tank of the year and 4950.6 miles. So that's nice.