Friday, August 27, 2010

Tanks 248 and 249 - August 2K10

Last week I managed a pitiful 36.66 mpg, so I made an effort to drive
closer to 65 than to 70 on my highway trips, and today I ended up
reaching 38.17 mpg, after going 447 miles on 11.711 gallons of gas.

It is a remarkable difference, driving just about 5 mph slower. I still
was with the flow of traffic, indeed I was passing a few cars throughout
the tank.

Also, it probably didn't hurt that for about 50 miles I was able to
draft behind tractor trailers.

This is the best mileage I have gotten since I took that class in
Maryland back in May.

For the year, my average fuel economy has been 36.97 miles per gallon on
422.2 miles per tank.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tank 246 - 3 August 2K10

Yesterday I refueled at an Amoco station near Aquia Harbor, and put in
12.149 gallons of gasoline (10% ethanol, as always) after going 424.3
miles. This made for a fuel economy of 34.92 miles per gallon. Had I
not done the squeeze after the first shutoff click, I'd have been over
35 mpg. Still, it's lower than average.

However, due to a weeklong vacation, it made it 13 days between fillups.