Tuesday, August 26, 2008

28.78 Miles Per Gallon- A New Low!

Well, tank 164 took 26 days to use up. In that 26 days, the car went
345.1 miles and was refueled with 11.992 gallons (at $3.339 per gallon),
making for a crappy fuel economy of 28.78 miles per gallon.

This is my worst fuel economy number of all time, and the most gasoline
I have ever pumped into that car.

But, it raised my "days between tanks" average to 10.71 days between
refills. It was also my 24th tank of gas this year. In 2007, the 24th
tank of gas happened on July 16, more than a month sooner than this

Granted, I did not have back surgery that laid me up for 2 and a half
weeks, but still, I must celebrate good things where I can.

Monday, August 25, 2008

No Gas in August So Far!!

I have had back surgery, so have been not going to work for the last two
and a half weeks. So the Mighty Corolla was mostly limited to small
in-town jaunts during this time. I'll refuel on my way home today, and
expect a small number when the economy is calculated.

The low fuel light came on this morning at 303.0 miles. This is really
early for this light to come on. Actually, this will be a good test of
the "town" mileage claim on the sticker, as most of my miles are due to
commuting on the highway.