Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Delta Touch Faucet is Terrible!

We remodeled the kitchen last year, and purchased a Delta Touch faucet to go with the new kitchen sink. It was the worst decision ever, and I encourage each and every one of you to stay away from this horrible device.

The commercials make it seem like you could never exist in happiness without it. But the opposite is truly the case. In the past fourteen months, this faucet has caused me much unhappiness, anger, frustration, and despair. It has used twelve C batteries.

Faucets shouldn't have to have batteries replaced.

The touch part is kind of neat at first, but it turns out that errant splashes of warm drops of water sometimes touch the faucet part or the handle, and it causes the faucet to shut off. And the on/off feature is sudden and abrupt. If you turn it off while the water is flowing at full force, it shuts off like a toddler slamming down the faucet handle. If you have loose pipes, you will hear them rattle throughout the house. And then when you touch it to turn it on again, it comes on at the same full force all at once.

You might try to get smart and use the handle to turn it on at a weaker stream, but no, it will still turn on at full force first, and only then will it adjust to a weaker flow.

And the horrible joystick control makes it almost impossible to strike a balance between temperature and water flow. If you manage to get a moderate water flow that doesn't splash all out of the sink (an effort in itself that is difficult, particularly when the faucet is in "spray" mode, as the spray can come out with such force that the whole sink region becomes wet with errant splashes, which causes the faucet to turn off violently if the water happens to be warm enough, as I noted earlier), but want the water to be a little warmer or cooler, it's not a simple twist or pivot of the handle like every other faucet. It's like a joystick motion to get it warmer or cooler, and as you move it to warm or cool, the water flow changes as well.

It's like an implement of torture. Slow, annoying torture.

So let's say that you manage to achieve near perfection in kitchen water delivery with this Delta Touch faucet- not too hot, not too cold, at an acceptable pressure that flows enough but not too hard that it splashes all over the place or rattles the pipes each time it turns on or shuts off. That'd be great, then you just tap the faucet with the back of your muddy hand and tap it again with your clean fingers after a blissful washing experience. Life is grand.


Because it you're like me, you don't live alone, and you can bet that the other people in your house do not appreciate the perfect balance you created for them. No, they can't see the gift you left for them. So you go to the sink and touch it, knowing that you will re-create the orgasmic satisfaction of summoning water at the mere touch of your elegant hand, only to see it churn on in a fit of violent pipe-rattling terror and splash water all over the sink and countertops nearby.

I tried to post my negative review of the Delta Touch faucet on the Lowe's website. It was rejected. So when you look on the Lowe's or Home Depot website, you will see an overwhelming show of positive reviews from deliriously happy and satisfied customers. They all lie. They clearly are posting these happy reviews, like, on the first day, probably within the first hour of ownership.

Give it a couple days of use and you will find that it is a twisted sort of punishment for a crime you didn't know you did. But by then it's too late and you're stuck with a battery-sucking suckfest of a poorly-designed crappy faucet that can't even perform its most basic functions with any degree of expertise or effectiveness.

Don't make the mistake I made.

Don't buy a Delta Touch faucet. It's not even a good present for your worst enemy.


  1. So much for "satisfaction guaranteed."

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_hammer

  3. I totally agree with everything you said. Its about to drive my husband CRAZY!

    1. Well, we have had ours for about 8 months and it has gone from bad to worse.
      DO NOT PURCHASE. It will drive your husband crazy and you will be the blame.

  4. Everything he says is absolutely true -- we have had a Delta Touch Faucet for 3 weeks and it's really driving us crazy. It seemed like such a good idea when we saw the features listed on the display at Lowe's. Do NOT buy one!!!

  5. oh no! how did I not see this before I bought mine. I've had it for 2 days and it is seriously driving me crazy. I had it installed by a professional and it just doesn't work as advertised. Not worth it at all.

  6. I'm ok with my faucet. However, ever since it was installed I have trouble with the pressure relief valvue on my hot water heater leaking. I had a plumber replace the pressure relief valvue but it still leaks. He thinks it may be related to the build up of pressure from the faucet.
    Has anyone had a similar problem? Do you think it could be related?

  7. Kenny Thank you Thank you for your humorous informative description of this faucet and sparing me from buying it and having my husband tell me everyday how much he hates it. I was researching these kind of faucets when I found your Blog. The Advertising almost got me, it looks so blissful. We want more Truth Tellers.

  8. My bad experiences with the Delta Touch Faucet. I DO NOT RECOMMEND. We remodeled our kitchen and thought this was a great idea.....WRONG. The faucet is possessed !!!! It turns on all by itself.......it turns off all by itself.....when no one is even in the kitchen. I have several telephone calls documented to the Delta Hotline and each time they have me doing something different. The last time was to take pics of the underside of the sink and send to them for their review. After changing batteries, moving the battery pack, removing the AA batteries and connecting a 9V battery. NOTHING WORKS.... I am waiting for reply from Delta after reviewing my pics. I too had a professional install the faucet. DO NOT BUY....IT IS NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION. Delta....are you listening....when are you going to redesign this nightmare??

  9. Thanks! many Thanks! for your comments. I was planning to buy one this week. After sober second thoughts re; price and functionality I decided to do some research and came across this blog. Teaches me a lesson trying to look cool
    and impress my friends.

  10. We can turn the faucet on OK, but when you touch the unit again, the blue LED will turn off but the water keeps running. Sometimes you have to touch the handle 12-15 times to get it to shut off. Worst piece of crap I have ever bought!

  11. I hate to admitt I own this piece of JUNK . I hate this faucet, it is a joke, except the joke is on me...Do Not Waste your MONEY.

  12. I'm glad one person commented on the problem of the blue LED turning off, but not the flow. Is that a fix for this??!!

  13. I agree as well, we've had this $400 faucet for 8 months and can't stand the darn thing. Touch it doesn't switch on, finally get it on, touch it and it doesn't shut off. Don't waste your money.

  14. I have a delta touch fawsett it has worked great for 4 months now it has lost almost all its pressure,can anyone recommend what i need to do please

  15. POS. I contacted Delta and the blew me off by offering a 75% discount on the purchase of any replacement faucet. I will stick a fork in my eye before giving those people one more dime. I am pulling the touch faucet and replacing with any but a delta.

  16. If I had THREE hands this would be a somewhat decent device. When I want to turn it on i immediately turn it back off because I touched it or pulled out the sprayer. If I have a pot or a pan or anything else I am washing in one hand and pull out the sprayer....it turns OFF...so I hit it with the pot or pan to turn it back on and if the water's too hot and I try to adjust it OFF then ON then OFF then I scream.....Delta should die and go to hell!!! What a waste of money....DO NOT BUY THIS THING!!!! PS...I only have 2 hands......usually with something I'm washing in one of them.....

  17. My Delta kitchen touchless faucet is rattling my pipes! My plumber said it was the motor letting air in? What's the reason? Can it be fixed? Of course the batteries are dead and I'm not able to use that feature. Any helpful advice would be welcome. Thanks.