Friday, April 1, 2011

Tank 273 - 1 April 2K11 (No Foolin'!)

I just returned from BJ's in Woodbridge, where I put 11.205 gallons into the mighty Corolla. I had gone 421.0 miles on the tank, making for mileage of 37.57 mpg.

Last April 1, I also refilled the gas tank, only it was the 10th tank for the year and todays is the 11th tank of the year (due to last year's BLIZZARDPALOOZA, I didn't go to work for several days).

So, since the number of tanks is 10% off, it'd be misleading to say that I have spent more than $97 more in gas this year than last year. It would be less misleading to compare 10 tanks to 10 tanks, which still puts me at about $58 more in gas for the year. Still, it's less than $9 a week more, so it's not a worry.

I have ridden my bicycle about 291 miles in the whole month of March. Commuting to work and back, I can match that in about a week.

I'm thinking about "National Bike to Work Day," which is Friday May 20. It's about 33 miles in each direction, and I think if I can arrange for a shower here at the office I could maybe do it. Except that's a scheduled off-Friday, so I'd have to do it the day before, which is still during "National Bicycling Week," which as we all know is part of "National Bicycle Month," which is the entire month of May.

We'll see if I can man up and do it.

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