Monday, March 28, 2011

Tank 272 - 24 March 2K11

I refueled last Thursday but didn't calculate the mileage until just today. I know, and I'm sorry.

So I had gone 442.7 miles and added 11.890 gallons at this Valero station near Massaponax, VA. My gas tank is 13.2 gallons large, so I had less than 1.5 gallons left. Some people say this is bad, because the gas in the tank helps cool the fuel pump, and also helps prevent air bubbles from getting sucked into the fuel lines. But since I have never had to replace a fuel pump, and also have never noticed air bubbles making themselves known in my motoring, I choose to disbelieve these points as made up fake-oids designed to frighten us.

Fuel economy for the tank - 37.23 mpg.

Strangely, even though people are FREAKING OUT! at the SUPER-HIGH GAS PRICES!, I paid the same price per gallon as I did eight days ago - $3.459 per gallon.

Last year at this time I had spent $270.66 on gasoline, and this year it's $358.80, or about $8.80 more per tank of gasoline. Seeing on how I have been refueling about every nine days, this is an increase of much less than ten dollars a week.

But the way people are FREAKING OUT! At the SUPER-HIGH GAS PRICES!, you'd think it was made out of distilled gold and platinum vapors or something.

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  1. We got 41 mpg on our last hiway trip in our Ford.