Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tank 243 - 29 June 2K10 and Going Downhill

Refueled this morning at the Fredericksburg Wawa aith 12.451 gallons of
unleaded, officially the most gasoline I have ever squose into that car.
According to the owner's manual, I only had about 0.8 gallons left in
that tank.

Still, I went only 429.2 miles on the tank, so my fuel economy was a
trifling 34.47 mpg. Probably this is because my right foot has become
heavier and I have been driving faster when there is open space on the

Average fuel economy for the year to date is 37.07 mpg and falling
unless I shape up.

Perhaps I will blame my lack of preventive maintenance. The car just
turned 94,000 miles and I ought to look into cleaning the air filter and
maybe replacing the spark plugs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tank 241 - 14 June 2K10

This morning I refueled at the Wawa in Fredericksburg. After 419.9
miles, Wawa squoze in 11.403 gallons of gas, making for a fuel economy
of 36.82 miles per gallon for the tank.

I think the last two results in the 36.xx range are because my trips
home are taking forever. And also when I check the traffic reports
before I go home and see my main route is a red stripe, I take the long
way home that goes waaaay around the base and spits me out near my exit.
I am moving most of the time, but there are curvy roads and hills and
more accelerating and things to suck my mileage number lower.

Still, I have realized that I would rather be moving in the car instead
of crawling along the interstate surrounded by so many others, which is
a trapped, futile feeling.

So although it takes longer and it takes more gas, I much rather drive
the route where I am going along faster than 5 or 15 miles an hour.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tank 240- 6 June 2K10

Sorry for the absence. I went to a class and was gone for four and a
half weeks. Got great mileage- averaged 38.5 MPG during the 3300 miles
I drove during that period!

Then I refueled on Sunday with 11.739 gallons after going 426.9 miles,
making for fuel economy of 36.37 MPG. A little bit of a downer.