Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tank 359 - 27 August 2K13: The Move Is Starting to Show

I filled the Mighty Corolla with more gas on my way home yesterday - 11.373 gallons at the Wawa on my way home. The car had been driven 404.2 miles, so my mileage was 35.54 mpg. I spent much of my highway time going 75-80 miles an hour. I did this because after my new wheel bearing got installed, the car is so much more quieter than before, driving at high speed is much more peaceful and pleasant. Clearly, however, mileage suffers...

Last time I refilled the tank was a mere 7 days prior to yesterday. This was the first time this year it was less than 9 days. Probably for a number of factors:
1) Now that the furlough is over, I'm working 5 days a week.
2) Now that the furlough's over, the CWS plan is out so I'll stop getting every other Friday off.
3) Soccer season is here, so I'm driving to kid practices in the evenings,
4) We moved about 6 miles away from the old house, so some trips are longer now (some are shorter, but more are longer).

Still, at this point last year I'd driven almost 12,000 miles, and as of today I've gone just over 8,000 miles.

The news claims that gas is 20 cents cheaper this Labor Day Weekend than it was last year, and my records support it. I paid $3.359 yesterday, and last year at this time it was $3.519 the last week in August and $3.659 the first week in September...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tank 357, 7 August 2K13 - I Have Been Thinking About This for Some Time

I stopped at the Sheetz on my way home yesterday after driving 426.3 miles on this tank. I put in 11.749 gallons, making for a fuel economy of 36.28 mpg.

Gas was $3.279/gallon.

The total miles of my tanks of gas I have tracked is 142,117.5 miles. However, the car's odometer reports 142,180 at the same time. This is now a difference of 62.5 miles, or an average of 0.175 miles per tank. I still don't understand why this difference exists.

One would think the odometer sensors feed the trip meters and master odometer at the same time. Is it a huge coincidence that for every gas tank I have been "THIS CLOSE" for the trip meter to be clicking to the next tenth of a mile? Maybe, but if that's the case, whi is the total average nearly TWO TENTHS of a mile per tank?

Japanese precision, my butt!