Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tank 357, 7 August 2K13 - I Have Been Thinking About This for Some Time

I stopped at the Sheetz on my way home yesterday after driving 426.3 miles on this tank. I put in 11.749 gallons, making for a fuel economy of 36.28 mpg.

Gas was $3.279/gallon.

The total miles of my tanks of gas I have tracked is 142,117.5 miles. However, the car's odometer reports 142,180 at the same time. This is now a difference of 62.5 miles, or an average of 0.175 miles per tank. I still don't understand why this difference exists.

One would think the odometer sensors feed the trip meters and master odometer at the same time. Is it a huge coincidence that for every gas tank I have been "THIS CLOSE" for the trip meter to be clicking to the next tenth of a mile? Maybe, but if that's the case, whi is the total average nearly TWO TENTHS of a mile per tank?

Japanese precision, my butt!

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  1. That's 0.044% imprecise. Not bad. Valve clearances on your toyota's engine could be more imprecise than that and still function properly!