Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tank 356 - 28 July 2K13 - A Nice Round Half Gallon

I filled up the Mighty Corolla's gas tank last Sunday. The second click ended right at 10.500 gallons, ehich is the third time that the gallons have ended at a ".X00" with two zeroes at the end of the number. I'd only driven 352.4 miles, so my mileage sucked and was 33.53 miles per gallon. Probably it sucked so bad because I drove really fast on the highway.

The low fuel light came on as I was trolling the Home Depot parking lot. And the Giant grocery store gas station was nearby so I just filled up the tank since I was there.

Gas was $3.359 a gallon, which was about 15 cents cheaper than the Virginia average. I don't understand why my town has such cheap gas.

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