Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tank 356 - 28 July 2K13 - A Nice Round Half Gallon

I filled up the Mighty Corolla's gas tank last Sunday. The second click ended right at 10.500 gallons, ehich is the third time that the gallons have ended at a ".X00" with two zeroes at the end of the number. I'd only driven 352.4 miles, so my mileage sucked and was 33.53 miles per gallon. Probably it sucked so bad because I drove really fast on the highway.

The low fuel light came on as I was trolling the Home Depot parking lot. And the Giant grocery store gas station was nearby so I just filled up the tank since I was there.

Gas was $3.359 a gallon, which was about 15 cents cheaper than the Virginia average. I don't understand why my town has such cheap gas.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tank 355 - 14 July 2K13 (My Enthusiasm for Tracking Mileage is Waning)

I refueled the Mighty Corolla last week at the Wawa near my house (I think). For the third time in a row, I had driven over 400 miles, 408.7. Mileage was 36.55 mpg, calculated after pumping in 11.183 gallons of gas.

Last year around this time, I had driven about 9,800 miles. This year, I have driven about 6,600 miles. This is mainly because my office has moved closer to my home. But recently I moved further from the new office, but not quite as far such that the old office commute would be shorter, so overall my commute is still shorter than it was when the office was in Woodbridge.

New concern is simmering in the event that there's a re-organization at my office and some of us get transferred elsewhare in the organization. There's a possibility that at some point I may get re-assigned and be compelled to go work on the base. This would be bad on many levels, because it's farther away, there's generally bottlenecks to get on and off the base most of the time, and I guess those are the main reasons.

But there's no point in worrying about what-ifs and could-happens. So I'll just keep pressing on.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tank 354 - 1 July 2K13

I refilled the tank in the Mighty Corolla yesterday on my way home at the Wawa out Rt 3. 11.274 gallons, 401.2 miles, so fuel economy was 35.59 mpg. Given that last tank was over 38 mpg, and my suspicion that I was victim to a pump that shut off prematurely to falsely inflate my mileage, I was expecting a larger dropoff.

Indeed, my mileage for this tank is still above my average for the year. On the other hand, my mileage for the year has only been worse in 2004, when the car was brand new and had 5 tanks of gas. Wow.