Monday, February 28, 2011

Tank 269 - 28 February 2K11

Refueled just now at the lovely and busy Woodbridge BJ's Wholesale Club. After going 435.8 miles, I put in 11.463 gallons of unleaded gasoline, making for a fuel economy of 38.02 miles per gallon for this tank.

Most exciting is that my gas was priced at $3.189 per gallon. While lower than in most areas of the country, I am encouraged that it's gone up more than 20 cents per gallon in the last 11 days.

Yes, I hope gas prices continue to increase. Last time gas was "unnaturally costly," I noticed that many people left their SUVs at home and drove smaller cars to and from work, and also drove more sanely. It will help us all out to get better mileage and quicker trips home!

To me, $5.009 a gallon can't get here fast enough!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tank 269 - 17 February 2K11

Yesterday afternoon I refueled in the warmness of 71 degrees at the Wawa
in Central Park, which is neither Central nor a park. The mighty Corolla
had gone 440.9 miles, and it happily accepted 11.678 gallons. The tank
holds 13.5 gallons, but the guage (gauge?) was below all the tick marks
and touching the "E." I think this is so that there's still enough gas
sloshing around to run through the fuel line or something.

For you math wizards there, you'll note that this made for a fuel
economy of 37.75 miles per gallon, which is exactly the same as what I
managed to get on my last tank as well. This is a rare occurrence, and
it only happened one time before, on May 29, 2007 when I achieved
matching mileages of 38.30. On two other occasions I was within 0.01
miles per gallon.

The 440.9 miles on this tank is the most since last October, and has
brought up my avarage miles per tank for this year to 417.5.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tank 267 - 8 February 2K11

Yesterday afternoon I coasted into the Sunoco gas station by the
Falmouth Bridge, where gasoline remained $2.999 per gallon. I put 11.311
gallons after going 427.0 miles, making for a fuel economy of 37.75
miles per gallon for this tank.

This was the farthest I have gone on a tank of gas, and my best mileage,
since last October.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tank 266 - 31 January 2K11

Yesterday I felt compelled to refuel, as traffic was slow and the trip
meter passed over 400 miles, 28 of which were driven with the low fuel
light on.

So I ended up at the same Wawa in Stafford where I refueled last, and
squoze 11.315 gallons in the tank after going 403.1 miles. So mileage
was sort of sad at 35.63 miles per gallon.

I blame myself, of course. Probably driving too fast, not drafting
enough, and too many smaller trips around town on weekends.

Of course, weekend trips around town in the mighty Corolla are still
getting better mileage than the large minivan.