Friday, February 18, 2011

Tank 269 - 17 February 2K11

Yesterday afternoon I refueled in the warmness of 71 degrees at the Wawa
in Central Park, which is neither Central nor a park. The mighty Corolla
had gone 440.9 miles, and it happily accepted 11.678 gallons. The tank
holds 13.5 gallons, but the guage (gauge?) was below all the tick marks
and touching the "E." I think this is so that there's still enough gas
sloshing around to run through the fuel line or something.

For you math wizards there, you'll note that this made for a fuel
economy of 37.75 miles per gallon, which is exactly the same as what I
managed to get on my last tank as well. This is a rare occurrence, and
it only happened one time before, on May 29, 2007 when I achieved
matching mileages of 38.30. On two other occasions I was within 0.01
miles per gallon.

The 440.9 miles on this tank is the most since last October, and has
brought up my avarage miles per tank for this year to 417.5.

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  1. We got 24 mpg over 2 months with our minivan (15 gal 360 mi) and 24 mpg over 1 month with our Ford compact wagon (10+ gal 245 mi). Cold. Short trips. Lots of Stop n go traffic.