Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tank 162 - 22 July 2008

Refueled this morning at Valero #9, paying $3.899 per gallon. I got
11.890 gallons, the most ever put in my tank, after going 424.9 miles.
Fuel Economy was poor at 35.74 miles per gallon. I argue that it has
been very hot and my AC has been working overtime, although last year at
this time I had been averaging 37 and 39 miles per gallon.

However, my 22nd tank in 2007 came on June 25, and this year my 22nd
tank came on July 22, almost a month later in the year. I have also
gone about 300 fewer miles over the same amount of time, a reduction I
attribute directly to my carpooling. We don't carpool as much as we'd
like, but every day one of us hitches a ride is a little less gasoline
used to get us to work.

I have slacked on my charting and historical graphs, so I don't have
much more to share.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tank 161 - 11 July 2008

I only went 375.8 miles on this tank. I probably could have made it to
and from work today before refueling, but decided to refuel this morning
instead, in the event we use the Mighty Corolla over the weekend we
won't have to worry about running around on a low tank.

Filled up with 10.501 gallons at Valero pump #1, making for mileage of
"only" 35.79 miles per gallon. This is by far my worst mileage of the
year. But I did go 14 days between full-ups, partially due to the July
4th holiday. And we also used the minivan for a trip over the July 4th
holiday, so gas was used up.

An interesting note is that the gas at the Valero I was at this morning
was $3.849 per gallon, and the Woodbridge Costco (which used to have the
cheapest gas) was charging $3.889 per gallon.

Apologies for having a dull blog.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Random Drug Testing in PGA

Two weeks ago when Tiger "the human biceps" Woods announced he was going
to have knee surgery and be out of golf until next year, I posted a
comment on USAToday.com that the PGA was shortly going to announce
random drug testing for all golfers.

Surprisingly, today the PGA Tour announces drug testing will begin this
month. And Tiger Woods is "conveniently" out of commission recovering
from knee surgery.

Michael Jordan "retired" from basketball just weeks before he was going
to get suspended by the NBA for something, like gambling or something.
After an appropriate amount of time, almost exactly the amount of time
he was to be suspended, he came back triumphantly and played for the
Washington Wizards.

Is Tiger Woods doing the same thing to avoid the humiliation of a
positive drug test? Hopefully not, but I can't help but wonder...