Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tank 162 - 22 July 2008

Refueled this morning at Valero #9, paying $3.899 per gallon. I got
11.890 gallons, the most ever put in my tank, after going 424.9 miles.
Fuel Economy was poor at 35.74 miles per gallon. I argue that it has
been very hot and my AC has been working overtime, although last year at
this time I had been averaging 37 and 39 miles per gallon.

However, my 22nd tank in 2007 came on June 25, and this year my 22nd
tank came on July 22, almost a month later in the year. I have also
gone about 300 fewer miles over the same amount of time, a reduction I
attribute directly to my carpooling. We don't carpool as much as we'd
like, but every day one of us hitches a ride is a little less gasoline
used to get us to work.

I have slacked on my charting and historical graphs, so I don't have
much more to share.

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