Friday, July 11, 2008

Tank 161 - 11 July 2008

I only went 375.8 miles on this tank. I probably could have made it to
and from work today before refueling, but decided to refuel this morning
instead, in the event we use the Mighty Corolla over the weekend we
won't have to worry about running around on a low tank.

Filled up with 10.501 gallons at Valero pump #1, making for mileage of
"only" 35.79 miles per gallon. This is by far my worst mileage of the
year. But I did go 14 days between full-ups, partially due to the July
4th holiday. And we also used the minivan for a trip over the July 4th
holiday, so gas was used up.

An interesting note is that the gas at the Valero I was at this morning
was $3.849 per gallon, and the Woodbridge Costco (which used to have the
cheapest gas) was charging $3.889 per gallon.

Apologies for having a dull blog.

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