Friday, August 27, 2010

Tanks 248 and 249 - August 2K10

Last week I managed a pitiful 36.66 mpg, so I made an effort to drive
closer to 65 than to 70 on my highway trips, and today I ended up
reaching 38.17 mpg, after going 447 miles on 11.711 gallons of gas.

It is a remarkable difference, driving just about 5 mph slower. I still
was with the flow of traffic, indeed I was passing a few cars throughout
the tank.

Also, it probably didn't hurt that for about 50 miles I was able to
draft behind tractor trailers.

This is the best mileage I have gotten since I took that class in
Maryland back in May.

For the year, my average fuel economy has been 36.97 miles per gallon on
422.2 miles per tank.

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