Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tank 251 - 14 September 2K10

Refilled yesterday afternoon at the Wawa in "Central Park" with 11.910
gallons of gas, after going 446.2 miles on this tank. This made for
fuel economy of 37.46 mpg. And at 14 days between tanks, this was the
longest I went between fillups since 13 July, although this was most
likely due to the timing of the Labor Day weekend.

I have spent $993.36 on gas so far this year. Last year I spent $979.15
over the entire year.

Last year gas averaged $2.189/gallon, and this year it's averaging
$2.630/gallon, about a 20% increase in price. But I guess since it's
still less than $3.00 people haven't really noticed or something.

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