Monday, April 9, 2012

Didn't Lose Ground Last Week (Bike vs. Car Update)

I had a combination of good things happen last week so that the bicycling deficit remained about the same.

First off, I only worked Monday through Thursday, so the horrible Friday commute home was avoided. Secondly, I went on a nice 2-hour ride on Saturday, which was more time than I have typically been able to ride (Thank you, early sunrises! Curse you, daylight savings and "springing ahead!").

I remain about 25.2 hours short in my bike riding > car commuting resolution. If I can keep the deficit to 28 hours for the month, I believe I'll be in good shape. Even if it stayes under 30 hours, that ought to be good, too.

However, this week is more of a challenge, as I am scheduled to work all five workdays this week, and all that implies.

But also I can look forward to a good long ride on Sunday, providing there's no snow or freezing rain in the forecast, as two daughters are scheduled for a three-hour youth group meeting on Sunday afternoon. This means I can drop them off and go out for close to three hours on a bike ride. I am pretty sure this will happen, as my planned century ride is less than two weeks away and I am framing next Sunday as my final long ride in preparation of this event.

So maybe this week won't be as dire as I originally was anticipating. Plus the century ride will probably be about six or seven hours of riding, which is four or five hours more than I normally do on a weekend. Things are looking good...

Happy Monday, everyone!

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