Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time on Bike v. Time Commuting in Car: An Update

I spent about 21.5 hours riding my bike in February, and about 29 hours commuting to and from work.

For the year, I have commuted in my car about 13.5 hours more than ridden on my bike. It appears that it's looking favorable that my biking habit will be able to catch up and pass the car commuting by the end of the year, if my office move happens according to plan in early September.

Last Monday, my boss asked me to meet him at a location that closely simulated my potential new commute to the office, and at the end of the day things happened such that he agreed my work day didn't end until I left from about the same location. So I have one day's worth of data to simulate my estimated commute times when the office moves to a new location later this year.

I got to this location (near my boss' house) in 26 minutes, which is 15 minutes faster than my current average of 40 minutes to work each morning. My trip home from about this location was 30 minutes, which was about 24 minutes faster than my average trip home so far this year.

This was pretty close to my guess that the new location would save me about 40 minutes of driving per day.

There's a commuter parking lot about 2/3 of the way between my house and the new building, which I am thinking I could use to park my car in the morning, ride my bike the remaining distance (about 4 or 5 miles), and come home the opposite way. There are shower facilities (probably) at the new building, for what that's worth. If I can do this "a couple three times a week," my goal to ride my bike more than I commute in my car should be achievable with little trouble!

So I think things will really get exciting in September, as the bike riding time should see a relative jump as the commuting time sees a dramatic decrease.

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