Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tank 312 - 27 March 2K12 (Good Mileage, Good Miles!)

So I refueled last night at the convenient Fas Mart near my home, and my daughter said, "Dad, this is a Valero."

So at the Fas mart I pumped in 11.597 gallons after driving 447.0 miles, making for a mileage of 38.54 mpg. It was 56 degrees.

Yesterday was also a great day for biking. I took advantage of my office's "healthy wellness" program and rode for close to an hour at the end of my work day, and then drove home, where I picked up aforementioned daughter and took her to soccer practice, where I commenced riding my bike for another 65 minutes.

So over the course of yesterday, I rode my bike over 29 miles and close to two hours. And I spent only about an hour and a half actually commuting to and from work, so it was a net gain for the bike time yesterday. Please enjoy my updated pie chart that includes all biking and car commuting up to and including this morning's arrival at my office.

We still have 2.5 commuting days remaining in the month, and I am 21.5 hours behind in the bicycling. My general estimate to meet my goal of riding my bike more than I commute in my car calls for about a 7-hour deficit per month until my office moves in September. So I have reached that limit for the month already, and thus my mild concern of 2.5 more days of commuting to end the month.

But I ought to also have 2 more happy wellness bike rides, plus a Saturday ride to close out March, so the difference shouldn't be that much greater than 21 hours.

And then in April I am scheduled for a century ride, which should help shave some of the decifit down.

And I learned this week that the contractor is promising to be done with the new office before September and that we may get moved by the beginning of August. If that happens, I'm even more confident I can achieve my goal and it may not even be that close in that case.

But I'll still do my best to ride my bike as much as I can.

Last Sunday I had a Bible Study meeting at our church in the evening. Usually I drive but, being aware of my cycling time deficit this month, I rode my bike to and from the meeting. That bike trip was 8 miles round trip and 36 minutes more in the biking time column for the month. I bet I can do that more often in the future, too.

Overall, things are good. It's springtime.

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