Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow On Ground = Long Trip Home Today

I woke up this morning and the weatherman reported perhaps 2 inches of snow at home, with perhaps a dusting at my office today. It wasn't precipitating at all so the trip in was fine, only a couple people doing the "pre-emptive park on the shoulder" move to hinder my progress.

So as the morning progressed, snow started at home. One local school closed for the day but my kids got on the bus and school was on.

Now it looks like there might be about four inches of snow at home.

Happily, it doesn't appear to be sticking to the roads, and it also looks like it will remain above freezing for the rest of the day.

Sadly, this won't stop the general public from freaking out and either drive way slower than normal, to show everyone else how nervous they are, or way faster than normal, to show everyone else that it's no big deal.

Unfortunately, slow and fast people still can't coexist in peace on the highway. In theory, three lanes on the interstate equals one left lane for speed demons, one middle lane for speed limiters, and one right lane for slow grannies.

In practice, there's onramp and exits and people mixing it up in all three lanes. The worst danger is the slow granny who camps in the fast lane, but that's common knowledge and I won't beat that dead horse.

But the blended traffic and probable wet roads will likely result in one or two unanticipated but not unexpected meetings of cars on the road. So the remaining drivers will generally slow down to see if it's anyone they know (it won't be).

And it's supposed to be nice weather suitable for shorts and T-shirts in just a couple more days. March is living up to its lion/lamb reputation this year, for sure!

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