Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tank 310 - 12 March 2K12 ($3.659 per gallon)

So over the weekend we drove to Charlottesville in the Mighty Corolla, so it used up a couple three days worth of commutes, so yesterday I refueled after just six days.

But the Mighty Corolla had gone 435.3 miles and I stopped at the Sheetz and put in 11.233 gallons of gas there. According to the math, that meant a mileage of 38.75 miles per gallon.

But of course we all suspect that the gas pumps at Sheets turn off sooner than the pumps at the Fas mart we tend to use more frequently, so there's a chance that my mileage wasn't really that good.

But then again, we blame Sheetz for the whole "37.23 mpg" debacle of last week, so it seems to be all leveling out over time.

The last time gas was this expensive was last May, when I paid $3.929 and $3.859 per gallon over the course of two consecutive tanks. Probably it was last May then that I did the math and determined that for someone of my commute distance, gas prices going up so much made for an additional cost of $6-$10 per week for gas, depending on whether you drove a Mighty Corolla or Ford Valdez.

My conclusion then was that if you can't absorb an additional cost of $10 a week for gas, you might want to reconsider some of your life choices.

My addendum to that conclusion is that there's no law requiring you to drive alone to and from work in a gigantic 12-mile-per-gallon behemoth of a monster truck. I'm sure there was no actual gun to your head to force you into buying a truck with sucky mileage.

Big cars and fast cars have one thing in common: they each get stuck in traffic alongside me in my economy car.

It doesn't make sense to me to spend my money on more gas than I absolutely have to use. So I drive slow like a granny and drive a car that gets good mileage.

You can do the same, too. You all have the choice.

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