Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Of COURSE You Get Home Faster After A Snowstorm! What Was I Thinking?

I take back everything I wrote yesterday.

Had I actually spent a minute to think about things, I should have predicted a swift commute home.

After all, my two fastest commutes home (34 and 35 minutes) were on the "earthquake day" last year, and on a day where it was blizzarding in the morning.

So clearly if I had remembered this, I'd have made the connection that my trip home would likely be faster than avarage. And it was. I got home in 42 minutes yesterday, which is 12 minutes faster than my average Monday trip home.

So that was a happy surprise.

And then an added happy bonus was that I got new pedals in the mail yesterday, and my daughter was having a friend over after dinner to bake a cake, so all the girls were doing cooking-like things and I was able to switch out the pedals.

My secret evil plan is working out quite nicely. I moved my current pedals from the "white bike" to the "yellow bike." The yellow bike had the original 1970s pedals with straps and toe clips, but now it has Shimano SPD pedals, one side clip-in and the other side a flat pedal. They are lighter than the original pedals, so score!

And the white bike now has new one-sided entry SPD "road pedals," which work with my current shoes and now I can use my bicycle shoes on both bikes. The new pedals are smaller and lighter than the Shimano ones, so score!

I'm slowly making the 1972 Yellow Atala into a second back up all-weather spare bike, and at the same time am making the newer white Windsor a little better with small incremental improvements.

Overall it was an happy day!

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