Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tank 279 - 25 May 2K11

So early this morning I refueled at the world's slowest gas pumps at the Fas-Mart near my house. 11.612 gallons later, using my odometer's reading of 432.5 miles, worked out to 37.25 miles per gallon.

I am increasing my effort to coast down hills. I can coast down hills for almost 6 miles of my commute. Some of the hills are over half a mile long, so conceivably I could shut off the engine as well. I wonder how much of an influence that would have on fuel economy.

Of course, the large factor of fuel economy crushing is the amount of driving around town I do on the weekends. This should become less, now that soccer season is over and there's less need to drive kids to two different locations on multiple evenings during the week.

Gas was $3.649 per gallon this morning. I'm worried about this downward trend, as when gas gets cheaper, people tend to drive faster, which actually ends up slowing us all down more.

I also changed the oil this past weekend. That was fun.

This was my 17th tank of the year. Last year, the 17th tank came much earlier, on the 12 of May. But I was refueling lots more because I was taking a class that was about a hundred miles away from my house and I was commuting to and from it each day. But that's another story.

Please enjoy this great picture of me in my bike race day finest!

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