Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Bike Home From Work Day!

So today I got dropped off at the office by my friend John and asked him to assist me as I shuffle all my crap to the office. I brought my bike pump so I could top off the tires for the ride home. They have "presta valves" which are different than the normal ones we got on car tires. Luckily my pump can handle both kinds. But the pressure gauge works less well with the presta valves.

So I thought it was at like 60 pounds, but it felt all hard. So I unattach the pump and re attach it and it says 130 pounds!! So I let some air out and try to remove the pump, and in the process I broke the little valve. So I walked over to Dick's and got me a new inner tube with a SCHRADER VALVE. And I am fixing the tire bit by bit here in my cube. At lunch I'll go out and take a couple test laps to make sure it's all good. And I'll re-true the wheel AGAIN!!!

Then I ought to be all set for my ride home. Which is in about 5 hours from now!

(and then he typed the words that doomed his journey:)

Now that my problem is out of the way, I am confident that absolutely nothing else can go wrong!

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