Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tank 277 - "Cinqo de Mayo 2K11"

Please enjoy this picture of a Mexican owl celebrating the triumphant victory over France.

This morning as I Corolla'd to the office at fiesta-dark-thirty, my low fuel light became en fuego. So I adios'ed my cubicle and ole'd to BJ's for el gasoline, as I had rollo'd 435.6 miles and was concerned that my hombres on my way del casa this afternoon would be el jammed up and I'd be all el concerned-O that I'd run out of fuel.

So el BJ's gas, 10.931 gallons of it, entered my gas tank, and at $3.929 per gallon, this was the 7th-highest amount I have ever paid for a tank of gas. Not that it bothers me, as my trips home have averaged 59 minutes over the last month, as opposed to more than 63 minutes on average during the same period last year, when gas was more than $1.00 less per gallon.

So I continue to be pleased that the increase in fuel prices is helping me to get home faster, as more people are deciding that darting through traffic wastes gas. I hope they realize that their reduced darting and weaving also reduces the accordion effect that shows up in their wakes, and conclude that the slow waves of traffic they themselves experience result from aggressive weavers and darters ahead of them on the road.

I have charts and stuff that graph gas prices v. my trip times to get home. There appears to be a correlation between gas prices, once they go over $3.50 a gallon, having a positive effect and reduction in my time it takes for me to drive home.

This was my 15th tank of the year. My 15th tank of last year came on May 4th, and at that time I had spent $453.61 on gas. So after an equivalent number of tanks this year, I have spent $565.98, $112.37 or 24.7% more, which works out to be, wait for it...


Yes, these super high gas prices still amount to an increase of less than a dollar a day.

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  1. You have spent $565.98 more than I have for fuel to commute to work.