Monday, May 16, 2011

Tank 278 - 13 May 2K11

67 degrees, 427.0 miles, 11.452 gallons at the 7-11 by the old Ukrop's = 37.29 miles per gallon.

Probably this is because the Mighty Corolla was used in more around-town trips than usual.

I'm starting to hear a pronounced whirring noise when I go faster than 62 miles per hour.

So I'm starting to keep it below that. We'll see if it has a positive effect on this tank. I think I'll be able to nurse this tank for maybe 2 weeks. I'm taking tomorrow off as a sick day and I am also off this Friday, so there's just three days driving to and from work this week.

Actually, just 2.5 days for me because Thursday is RIDE YOUR BIKE HOME FROM WORK DAY!

I hope to ride my bike home from work on Thursday. The weather looks like it "may cooperate" and not rain. Currently, Adam Caskey says there's like a 30% chance of T-storms on Thursday. I hope it's morning storms because he's also predicting T-storms on and off all week this week.

But the weather may also affect this week's soccer games for the kids. There's a game scheduled for tonight and another on Wednesday. But if it rains, they'll be rescheduled. And on Thursday there's a band concert at 7:00 as well as a soccer game at 6:00 that we may have to choose to skip or something.

Basically, between the weather and Spotsylvania Parks & Rec, the conspiracy theorist in me is thinking that everyone's out to thwart my effort to ride my bike home this Thursday. I am completely excited about it, and don't want to miss it.

I'm seeing the foreshadowing much like my failed effort to go see TRON: LEGACY on opening night. My friend Ed got me a ticket ahead of time, I paid him for it, then a large blizzard blew in and I was forced to stay home so as to not drive in the snow.

It's fitting that at this exact moment, I have TRON: LEGACY in my home on loan from the Library. It needs to be returned this Friday. Will the weather and circumstances conspire to stop me again? And will the fallout also prevent me from watching TRON again, thus forcing me to get back in line for the movie and wait months and months until it's my turn again.

Until wild dogs stop me, I will ride my bike home from work on Thursday, dammit!

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  1. 30%? That's NOTHING. Ride, I say....