Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bike to Work Day is Friday, 20 May...

...but that's a day I am regularly scheduled to be not working.

So I am thinking about participating on "Bike to Work Day Eve" by riding my bike home on that Thursday the day before. It seems like cheating a little, but my path home looks to be about 35 miles, so biking to and from work that day would be a major, major effort. Plus, my tentative plans call for carpooling on that day and the day before with my fireman friend so that I'll be carless on Thursday and compelled to ride the bike home. (Because carpooling is a nice thing to do anyway, I think my bike home scheme is enhanced/offset by the fact that my drive in is a carpool so it's all in the spirit of the day, or the day before, right?)

On the attached map, my planned route is a red line. Sorry it's so small, hopefully you can get the general idea of what I am planning. I'll be cutting through a park, and across Quantico Marine base. Luckily, I have an ID that will get me on the base.

Will I follow through with this plan? Maybe. If it rains I will not do it. If there's no groundswell of public support I might not do it either.

I think it'd be more of a social statement than anything, but that's what the day is all about, I think.

So, gentle reader, and I use the term literally, please to be encouraging me to not wimp out on this effort. I am pretty sure the distance won't be a problem. Indeed, I rode my bike 53.9 miles last Saturday, so I have the ability. I think I will do it if it doesn't rain. It will be a grand adventure.

Also, thanks to your not-encouraged to be cl1cking on the @ds, I am over halfway towards my goal of getting revenue from this blog to purchase a set of pedals and shoes. But I may get a new rear wheel, as the current one won't stay true for longer than a few dozen miles. It gets all warped and out of true after one long ride. The front one is fine but the back one just is terrible. And I fix it so much that a couple spokes are stripped now, so I need to adjust the spokes around them more severely.

But thank you for your not-encouraged support. Please don't tell your friends.

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