Wednesday, May 4, 2011


"According according to AAA Mid-Atlantic, Virginians spent 131 percent more per household on gasoline in April than we did just two years earlier. According to the Oil Price Information Service, which provides daily fuel price data to AAA, we spent $422.83 per household on gas in April vs. $182.98 in April of 2009."

This would be shocking news had it been April 2009 last month. But it was April 2011 last month.
We've had two years of gas price changes over that time, changing week by week. Two years to adjust to changing gas prices. It's not a great shock like it's being made out to be.

When spread out across the month, it's about $10 or $15 more a tank, unless you drive an SUV or something, which is another sort of problem. If you fill up once a week, it works out to $1 or $2 more you're paying in gasoline per day.

But saying that gas costs $1.50 more per day isn't nearly as scandalous, since few people think twice about dropping $1.50 on a candy bar and cup of coffee from vending machines at work each day.

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  1. Hey, isn't that the Watergate Hotel in the background? I'd pay extra for the privilege of fueling up with a view like that!