Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bike Home From Work Day is Tomorrow

So my secret evil plan was set into motion early this morning when my friend John parked his minivan in my driveway and I drove him to his work at the station.

The only way John can get home tomorrow is if I remember to pick him up at 7:00 a.m. He will then drop me off at my office in Woodbridge and drive the Mighty Corolla back to my house where he'll load up in his minivan and go off to his home.

My only way to get home tomorrow will thusly be my 38-year-old bicycle on a route that meanders over 46 miles. As I said before, I am happy it's in a southerly direction and therefore downhill most of the way!

The weather reports indicate there still may be showers or thunderstorms, but not as severe as today. All week, I have been hoping that this is a case of the weather reporters being pessimistic about the speed of this particular weather system and that it'll be blown on by on Thursday for clear skies and smooth riding for me. It's looking more and more like this may not be the case.

But the die is cast and I will ride my bike home tomorrow in my little pre-emptive celebration of "Ride Your Bike To Work Day."

I'm pretty sure I will wear my brightly-colored cycling jersey, as it has little pockets on the back that are very handy. When I keep stuff in my shorts pockets, it all flops around and becomes annoying. So I will have my cell phone, spoke wrench, wallet, camera and snacks in my jersey.

I will not be wearing bicycling shorts. Mainly, it's because I don't have any and won't buy any before tomorrow. And also I think I will be stopping at the Chick Fil-A for water refills and I don't want to be seen wearing such tight shorts. I believe the tight jersey will frighten them off enough!

Boss said it's okay for me to leave for home at 3:00, so I hope to get home by 6:00.

I hope to take pictures of my trip. About 1/3 of it should be scenic as I will travel through a park and the Quantico Marine base.

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