Monday, May 23, 2011

Summary of Bike Home From Work Day

I took a couple dozen pictures of my trip, and I think this link here links you to a public facebook album that "anyone can see:"

If you can't see it, it's probably for the best, as most of the pictures are random cars and bland scenery.

Overall, it was 49.5 miles of fun! There were some troubles, like the rocky, muddy, gravel roads of Prince William Forest Park that I wasn't expecting. And how the GPS didn't work so I got sort of lost on those wet rocky roads. But as good fortune would have it, I came across a paved road at the moment another cyclist was passing by, and I caught his attention with my bell and he stopped and gave me directions out of there.

And the Marine Corps Cemetery at Quantico was a challenge, as a maintenance guy told me "no bikes allowed," and I'd have to walk it out the way I came. I argued and he told me to walk the direction I needed to go until I got out of sight of the supervisor and then "haul ass" out of there. I walked for a good bit, maybe 10 or 12 minutes, since it was a straight road and he saw me coming and could see me going for a long time. But then I got frustrated and decided he wouldn't be able to catch me, if he even saw me at all, and if indeed there was a "no bicycles" rule. I'll have to check on that for next time.

My third hurdle was my planned "Wyche Road" shortcut past the regional jail. Google Maps showed it was a road that connected Courthouse Road and Route 1, but in reality it turned out to be a road that ended at a security gate at the jail. I didn't think it would be wise to jump the gate, so I had to turn around and take the busier Courthouse Road and Route 1. And that was another 10 or 12 minute detour.

Happily, it didn't rain on me. It did rain in much of the area ahead of me, so there were puddles and road spray, and mostly that helped cool me down. And I got home in time to make it to my daughter's band concert at school!

If I can ride my 39-year-old bike 49 miles home, so can you! Not every day, of course, but every now and then, for sure.

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  1. If you were the CG's son you'd be allowed to bike thru the cemetery!