Monday, June 6, 2011

Tank 280 - 4 June 2K11

So I refuelled at the Sheetz near my house on Saturday. Put in 11.041 gallons after gently driving 439.9 miles, ended up with 39.84 miles per gallon. This was a nice result, and was due to a number of positive influences, including favorable driving conditions with relatively few instances of gridlocky traffic jams on my way home.

However, gas was a dramatically cheap $3.499 per gallon. My records appear to indicate that $3.50 per gallon is a threshold where, above that price, people start to drive more sanely and a little more slowly to save on gas, so a result is my trips home are quicker and less eventful.

Now that gas seems to be dropping below this psychologically important price, I fear traffic will increase and my home commute will suffer.

But it's going to be okay. Rumors are that my office will be moving closer to my home, perhaps as early as this time next year, and that will help my commute time, gasoline usage, and also permit me to ride my bike to and from work at times, as I have heard as well that the new office may have showers there for employees to use.

But that is for another day.

Another interesting observation is that as of this tank, my average fuel economy for all 280 tanks of gas in the Mighty Corolla is now 37.00 miles per gallon, which is higher than the advertised highway mileage on the sticker. For the year, I'm at 37.83 mpg.

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