Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tank 304 - Two Clicks, So Close

Probably the coolest thing about today's refueling at the Wawa near my office is that the first click stopped right exactly at $37.00. But since my process is to squeeze the pump again until the second click, I squoze the nozzle and then the second click shut the pump off at.... 11.001 gallons!

That's pretty close to 11.00, so almost two clicks stopped at totally round numbers.

Anyway, I managed to go a long 444.7 miles on the tank, so my mileage was 40.42 mpg, a high for the young year and more than 10% better than my last tank.

Many of my commuting trips on this tank were spent behind tractor trailers, at a safe distance of course. Some of these drafting experinces were at much higher speeds than I normally would go by myself in the car (72+ miles per hour behind some of the trucks), so it's likely that some of the mileage gains were negated somewhat by the additional speed.

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