Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold Weather Kind of Hinders Bicycling Time, Commute Has a Comfortable Lead.

If only my New Year's Resolution was to compare my commuting home times with my bicycling times, this graph would be always more green than red.

But common sense and fairness dictate that commuting time should include trips both to and from the office, so the chart will likely be skewing red for the foreseeable future.

I had a super ride on Saturday morning of two and three-quarters hours and forty miles, and I got to see a whole lot of the surrounding area near my house. It was cold, and I misremembered the distances of some of the roads I took, so the ride was longer than I anticipated. When I got home, my toes were very cold and it took many minutes to get them warmed back up by tucking them into the air register as the heat was blowing. Other than that, my layering was wildly successful in the 30 degree temperatures outside.

I skipped Sunday but went for a ride again yesterday morning. It was even colder, about 20 degrees in the morning, and I only lasted about 70 minutes and about 16.5 miles. But I managed to take down a fair number of ugly signs along the side of the road, so I got to do that. Again, when I got home, it was my toes that fared the worst. The little piggies were even colder than the big ride from Saturday.

Today it's a little rainy and I will be attending a doctor appointment this afternoon, so no ride for me. The appointment is after lunch, so I'm leaving work and going north. I suppose I'll start the "commute home timer" as I pass by the office on the way home from the appointment. That seems fair.

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