Friday, January 20, 2012

Forecast: Slippy, Icy Rain

Well, I'm entering the weekend down about four hours on the bicycle, and the weather may not cooperate very well to let me catch up some time on this deficit here.

This week, however, I learned that the plans to move the office from here to ten miles closer to my home have been advanced, and now it appears that the move will be happening at the beginning of September and not the end of September as I originally thought.

I think the move will reduce my daily total commute time by at least 40 minutes, which would be about three hours and twenty minutes per 5 day week. Seeing on how I've carried a four-hour deficit for two consecutive weeks, I think I can conclude that I'll chip away at least three hours against the commute total each week after the move.

So instead of being all bummed out at the ever-growing red portion of commuting time, I'll remain calm and optimistic that the move in September will be the beginning of the time that the green biking part will grow and hopefully surpass the red car part.

If I get motivated enough, I might take my spreadsheets and fill them with dummy number estimates based on historical data to see how it might pan out.

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