Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Delta Touch Faucet is Still Terrible (With Video Proof)

So last night I was finishing up the dishes, quietly suffering the Delta Touch faucet's fussiness.

If you get the water temperature right, it's not coming out hard enough to do any good. If you get the pressure right, it's too hot or too cold.

And the freaking spray will splash all over the place and make the whole area wet and sprinkled with water at any pressure worth using.

So as I'm finishing up with the last pan, the spray feature obviously splashes up and some warm water lands on the faucet and this happened:

This was going on for long enough for me to 1) find the camera, 2) find the battery, 3) get back to the kitchen, and 4) STILL record 43 seconds of this horrible malfunction.

Imagine struggling with a horrible faucet like this every day.

Please don't make this mistake, people! Spend less money on a regular faucet and be happy instead!

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