Thursday, January 5, 2012

Early Swing Towards Car!

I fully expect, well hope, really, that this is just a factor of it's been cold and windy this week and I haven't ridden my bike for "healthy wellness" purposes at work yet this year, and I can't again this afternoon because I have a meeting with a guy at the place so I won't be able to ride again today, so tomorrow this chart will be even more skewed towards the car.

But perhaps I can bring the bike to work tomorrow and ride it before I go home. That'll help. And then I'll have Saturday and Sunday for some long rides- it doesn't look like it's going to be rainy for a while, and night time lows will stay above freezing.

I think this will be the format for the chart. It's got the easy visual pie chart, and a good summary of the supporting data.

My prediction is that the car will have a slight advantage for most of the year, but the bike portion will slowly make gains starting in October, as my office is moving closer to home at the end of September so my commute will take less time. Indeed, the worst part of the commute will be gone, the part that sometimes takes 35 minutes to go ten miles.

So now the challenge is so totally on.

I really hope the bike wins!

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