Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tank 303 - 18 January 2012 (Worst Mileage of the Year!)

So this morning I refueled at the most convenient gas station to my house. Yes, I stopped at the Fas Mart, home of the world's second-slowest gas pumps, at o'dark thirty, after going a mere 405.3 miles.

When the low fuel light lit at 381.7 miles yesterday, my suspicion that this would be a bad tank was confirmed. I put 11.036 gallons of gas in there, making for a fuel economy for the tank of 36.73 miles per gallon. Yuck!

I don't know exactly what I did wrong to achieve such mediocre results. But I'm ashamed. When I changed the oil last week, I noticed one of the little plastic covers underneath the front of the car had gotten loose, so I duct taped it back into place, as the little plastic connector piece went missing. I was hopeful that that would have improved things, since the plastic cover thingie was no longer flapping in the breeze as I drove.

Alas, my driving efforts for this tank were not rewarded with great mileage that I have come to expect from myself and this car.

However, so far I am averaging 11 days between tanks of gas for the year, which is a new record if it holds up.

On the bike ride vs. commute front, I am excited to be able to go out on a ride today. The weather report calls for wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour, so I hope to be going in the right direction when that happens on my "healthy wellness" bike ride this afternoon.

Finally, there appears to be a nearly abandoned little girls bike in my neighborhood. There's a sign on it, and from the pieces I can read as I drive by, I think that if nobody takes it by the weekend, the guy's going to take it to the dump. It looks like the bike is in decent shape. So I'm going to collect it on my way home today and fix it up and give it to our church yard sale in April.

So I guess this is step 1 in becoming the crazy old bike repair guy. There are worse things I can envision myself doing as I approach my golden years...

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