Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tank 128 - 16 August 2007

Went to Costco and filled up with 11.388 gallons after going 439.9
miles. Made for fuel economy of 38.63 mpg.

The streak of going more than 400 miles per tank continues, although the
general fuel economy numbers remain stable around 38 mpg. I think this
is because I am more confident that I will not be running out of gas
when the needle gets close to "E."

My gas tank allegedly holds 13.2 gallons. Even if one gallon is
required just to keep things going, that leaves 12.2 usable gallons.
The absolute most gas I have ever put in the tank is 11.755 gallons,
leaving at least half a gallon, or more than 15 miles, left before
things reach critical conditions.

I can probably go even farther.

Perhaps one day I will keep a small lawnmower gas tank in my trunk just
so I can see how far I can go until I run out of gas. Sort of like that
old Seinfeld episode.

But I suspect running out of gas will cause odd damage to the innards of
my car, more than the satisfaction I'd get out of knowing how low that
needle will go.

Still, consistently going over 400 miles per tank is, I believe, quite a

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