Thursday, August 30, 2007

Current Tank Update- Not As Bad As I Thought

Earlier this week when I passed the 3/4 mark on the fuel gauge at way
less than 150 miles, I was very concerned.

This morning, the tank passed through the halfway mark, and I had gone
about 266 miles. It appears to be back on track.

Last week my trips were longer than average, and so far "knock wood"
this week's trips have been shorter than average, which may be helping
with the overall mileage.

So fear not, it looks like this tank will provide decent mileage,
although the starting part was pretty ominous.

I may not update this blog until Tuesday, as I am looking at a 4-day
weekend and usually don't post things over the weekends...

Check it out, it's a wootoff!

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