Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I heard about "the Redbox" on a number of occasions and thought it odd
that a vending machine that distributed DVDs would be seen ase useful.
But today, I stand here before you to admit my initial thoughts were

Redbox Rules.

I found there are two of them in grocery stores within 1.5 miles of my
house, one of which is practically on my way home. There's even one I
can walk to during my lunch hour at work. I hear there are some in
McDonald's stores as well.

And it was quite easy to rent a DVD from the Redbox. I swiped my credit
card, entered my email address, and the ZIP code of where the credit
card bill is sent, and BAM! I could get a movie.

I have only rented a few movies so far, but each has been "widescreen"
and not "full screen," which is nice because I prefer the "widescreen"

The cost is $1.00 (plus tax) per day. If you keep it 25 days, the
movie's yours (for $25 plus tax that you have been billed during that
time). As long as you remember to return the movie the next day, I
don't think it's possible to rent a DVD for less money.

Even if I were to keep the movie for a couple or three days, that's
still less than what Blockbuster charges, and I can satisfy the urge for
an instant movie faster than Netflix or Blockbuster.

And as I thought about it, I realized that the Redbox helps the stores
where they are located, because an impulse DVD rental usually results in
a repeat visit to the store that otherwise wouldn't have happened. That
could result in another quick buy at the main store where the Redbox is

The Redbox is great this time of year because there is precious little
to watch on the TV, and $1.05 for an overnight rental, and the
convenience for me to drop it off as I'm going on my way to somewhere
else anyway, just can't be beat.

I am not a stockholder, nor do I have any financial interest in the
Redbox. I just like it that much!

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  1. We just changed our netflix plan to streaming only and have been thinking of using redbox to supplement our movie habits. Should be a good plan that allows us to get more for our movie dollar.