Wednesday, August 8, 2007

pay per post - is it for real?

So I signed up for this program called "pay per post." I believe there are links on or around this entry. This organization promises to put money of various denominations in a special account in your name, if you blog on particular topics of interest. Some of the topics of interest are things I have a personal interest in as well, so here I am expressing this decision today.

I am interested to see if this is a legitimate "business opportunity" or if it turns out to be along the lines of "use your car as a rolling billboard" idea that everyone signed up for but no one ever got to do.

So there appears to be a wide array of topics to choose from, and my task would be to write up a little blurb about it (positive tone/negative tone/neutral tone) and shortly thereafter a deposit is magically made into my account.

Since I can control the topic selection to some degree, I hope to incorporate issues of interest to the blog here.

And if I am really good, I may be able to include subliminal messages, like "drive sensibly to conserve fuel."

Overall, I trust pay per post will treat me fairly. The Internet remains a wide open opportunity for us all, and I'm encouraged to see not only how this company performs, but also how I may be of service or assistance in their efforts.

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