Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tank 306 - 10 Feb 2K12 (And a Bike vs. Car Update!)

Added more gas to the Mighty Corolla last Friday, and then promptly forgot to calculate the mileage and report it until today. Which is okay, because it was one of those generally forgettable tanks of gas: 410.2 miles, 10.979 gallons, 37.36 miles per gallon.

So it was the shortest distance I've gone on a tank this year, the worst mileage on a tank this year, and the shortest length of time (5 days) between tanks.

I think that last tank (and so far this tank, too) I've been driving a little faster than normal and not seeking opportunities to drive behind large trucks.

So my mileage doesn't appear to be looking like it's going to break any all-time records for fuel economy.
On the bright side, it is making my commutes a couple three minutes faster each way each day. And the traffic gurus have been kind such that there has been just one day so far this year with unbearably unnaturally heavy traffic slowness.

So the abnormally "short commutes" have helped the bike v. commute chart remain at about the same 44/56 split favoring the commute (for now). I'm still about ten hours behind on the bike riding, which is about on the track I tentatively figured out a couple weeks ago (where the deficit grows by about 7 hours per month, and 1.5 months so far in the year ought to be about 7x1.5 or 10.5 hours by now, which it will likely be when I get home tonight because it's Valentine's Day today and good luck going for a bike ride with a house full of women at home today, but this is a leap year and so we're not actually halfway through the month this time but it's a three-day weekend followed by a three-day week and a second three-day weekend so there's more days off to ride the bike next week, too!).

Yesterday I went out for a "healthy wellness" ride at work, but started later than hoped and just got in 45 minutes of riding. Since it was a weird start time I took a weird route and still had fun. One of the traffic lights turned green for me just as I got to it, and more than one busy driver stopped extra long at a stop sign and waved me through. So that was nice, too.

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