Thursday, February 16, 2012

Online Training, Yeah!

Part of my job requires something not unlike "continuous learning requirements." I need to have 80 hours of continuous learning training every two years.

For a while, the timer was reset the moment you reached the 80 hours, so if you met the 80 hour requirement in just one year, then the clock reset and you had two new years to achieve 80 more training hours.

I quickly learned that you only must achieve 79 hours and then wait until the very last moment to get a small learning credit when you were at about the 23rd month of the two year cycle, in order to maximize the length of time between your painful continuous learning expereinces.

Because most of the time you have taskers, projects, meetings and general paper shuffling to do at the office (at least in my office), this training seems like just an added nuisance, particularly since we all mostly know how to do our jobs already.

Well, it turns out that my two years expires at the end of May, and I still needed 30 hours of continuous learning training. So I signed up for a class that will give me 34 hours of training. Hooray! Problem solved!

Bigger problem: this is a long, long, LONG online course! Like 40 separate topics! Not including the Introduction and Summary briefs! Each topic with like 20 slides to read! And FOUR tests! And I have to be done with it by April 4th!

Oh, The Joy!

So I ran the numbers and if I can crack through about 3.25 of them each day, I'll be done just on time. I imagine this will eat up 1.5 hours per day if I can remain focused on it for that long each morning.

But then, I think I'll be safe for another year and a half before I have to worry about this again.


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