Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do I Count It As Commuting Time?

After work today, I'm not going home. I'm driving the other way to meet my cousin Dave and we're going to a concert. Then I'll drive home from there after it's over.

If it was an ordinary day, I'd track my time as I drove home for my effort of trying to ride my bike more than commute in my car. But I'm not going straight home.

Should I count any part of my way home tonight towards the time I'm tracking as "commuting time?"

I can see it both ways. Since I commuted to work this morning, clearly I must go home at some point, and whenever that time happens to be, I am travelling home.

But I'm not going home FROM WORK, I'm going home from a concert, and that's different.

This issue probably won't come up too many times during the year, but I'd hate for the end total numbers be so close that such a decision could haunt the records.

On Monday, I left work early to pick up the kids from the dentist. I counted that time because the dentise is close to home, and I went there straight from work at a time that could almost be argued as an early rush hour stage.

Today's concert, I'm not so sure. Maybe because it's going to be dark when I drive home.

I think I'll just use my average commute home time as a plug-in for today. I'm going home tonight, and if I wasn't going to the concert, I'd have a commute home. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

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