Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow + Laziness = 12.65 Hours Down (But Still Not Out!)

Well, last Friday I got a nice longish ride in as part of my "healthy wellness' at work. Unfortunately, it was Friday afternoon traffic, which took up most of the same amount of time, so that was a wash.

Then the weekend happened and I only got out for two rides of about an hour each. There was yard work to be done on Saturday, I don't remember what happened on Sunday, and then yesterday was snowy (but it mostly melted as the day wen ton) and we drove to visit a relative in the hospital, and that took up much of the day. And one child had a dentist appointment. So I could only eke out another hour ride.

Happily, the rides were fairly fast, I mean my average speed was above average, so that was nice. However, I have no real frame of reference as to what constitutes a fast average speed, other than my own previous ride data, which in itself isn't a great benchmark because most every ride is of different lengths over different coursed in different weather conditions.

More concerning is how my analysis of January's data (predicting a 7-hour deficit each month) may end up being a bad underestimate. There are six more commuting days in the month, and I have less than an hour and a half to give up in order to maintain the draft schedule that I sort of established.

Six commutes, three days off. It's probable (but not likely) that I can manage a 2-hour ride each of those days off to help make up for the about 1.75 hours of commuting I'll likely do for the six days of commuting. But still I'l be coming up short. I will probably be able to do 2 or 3 "healthy wellness rides" during these days as well.

I can sense that if I continue to get boiled up in the number crunching that this whole effrot will shift from a "fun contest with myself" to a toiling downer of a mission. I will do my best to keep that from happening. This is supposed to be fun!

I blame the weather. Things will get better when the weather improves.

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