Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Happy Surprise Monday Ride of Fun!

Yesterday I left work early to meet two daughters at the dentist office to take them home. My wife had taken them there and would go back to her work for a late afternoon appointment. The whole dentisting part was done by the time I got there, so we were home shortly after 3:00 pm.

After settling in at home, I realized that it was still light out, and it was a nice day. So I made the kids promise to be good and I went out on a fun ride around the nearby neighborhoods, and made a point to go on Chewning Lane, a half-mile downhill dead end with a speed bump about halfway through. It's fun to go down, but a pretty long hill to go back up, but you get to bunny hop over the speed bump, so it all evens out.

So I managed a 71-minute ride, and that almost matched my 80 minutes of commuting for the day.

But when I got home, it turned out that the girls were not quite as good as they promised. They had not finished their homework. But one could argue that I was not a good father because I abandoned them for more than an hour and missed out on what might have been quality bonding time together. I didn't even invite any of them to join me for a fun bike ride.

But today is another day, and we can maybe make up for it this afternoon.

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